Hi, I’m Emily.

I have a BSc Zoology and this year am undertaking an MRes (Master of Research) in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Southampton in collaboration with Marwell Zoo. (Having spent a large proportion of my degree assuring people that just because I was studying Zoology this DOES NOT mean I will end up in a zoo).

My main areas of interest are evolution and ecology. Ecology is the study of the interaction of living things, both with other living things and their environment, and ecological research plays a vital role in informing conservation management. In secondary school, before I’d even heard of the term ecology, I was asked to discuss my favourite areas of biology by a new teacher. He promptly sighed and (in all good humour) accused ‘You’re a dirty rotten ecologist, aren’t you?!’. I’ve used the term in my title as this was what prompted me to really look into ecology as a specific area of study.

Research in ecology incorporates science from a range of fields, (e.g. evolution, behaviour, biogeography, physiology, climate change) examining interactions at individual to global levels, and can be used to tackle major problems facing the world today such as biodiversity loss, sustainability and human health.  It might just go some way towards saving the world! All in all, I’m proud to be a dirty rotten ecologist.