It’s probably a bat worker . . .

You spend a lot of time on bat surveys glaring suspiciously at other people who dare to be wandering around in the dark at such an unreasonable hour, not considering that they may also be a little baffled by you.

Often you are carrying a plethora of unusual equipment that can make you appear as though you are part of some paranormal investigation. Sometimes you are sat in a camp chair firmly staring in one direction, occasionally moving to take a sip of tea. Every so often you need to chase after a particular bat to get a decent recording of its echolocation – that species might not have been recorded in the area before! You’re definitely sleep deprived (in summer dusk surveys can extend past midnight and dawn surveys begin before 4am).

So at night, if you do happen to see someone looking slightly deranged and dishevelled, stumbling in erratic circles, or sitting in the middle of nowhere holding strange objects muttering to themselves, don’t worry. Chances are it’s just an ecologist.


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